Inspired by the painting “Guernica”

The renowned Pablo Picasso painting, "Guernica", expresses the pain, violence, and despair of war. However, instead of a realistic depiction of war, with bombs and dilapidated buildings, he tried to capture the horrors of war through symbolism. The symbolic characters, featured in the piece, are animals with dismembered bodies and screaming female figures holding babies in their arms. A historic dialogue concerning the painting took place during World War II, when a German Officer, confiscating important artworks, asked Picasso “Did you make this?” to which the painter replied “No, you did!”.

For our version of the painting, we decided to depict a peaceful scenery instead. A composition in which people seem happy and carefree, nature is in bloom, and the life of each being is intertwined with beautiful elements in a state of euphoria. In times of peace there is a place for romance, laughter, and playfulness. All activities are carried out happily and the faces of the people look relaxed, with eyes half-closed and not wide with intent.