Inspired by the painting “The Persistence of Memory”

The "Persistence of Memory" is one of the most prominent examples of the surrealist movement, led by Salvador Dali. Some alleged that Dali was attempting to introduce the world to the "Theory of Relativity" through his depictions of melted clocks, however the painter refuted it, noting he was inspired by observing the French cheese Camembert melting under the sun. In the painting a human-like figure can be detected with a closed eyelid, suggesting a dreamlike state where shapes and forms are more fluid and abstract.

In our version, we’ve focused on elements that signify time. The sleeping figure from the original painting is turning off an alarm clock, while a different clock is watering an hourglass which looks like the closed eyelid slowly opening. In our daily lives we are constantly preoccupied with multiple deadlines, a fact we tried to reflect in our artwork. The melting ice-cream is our realistic piece of inspiration, in the way that the Camembert was for Dali.