Inspired by the painting “The Scream”

This famous Edvard Munch painting is revered as one of the most emblematic psychological artworks of all time. The first name given to the painting was "The Scream of Nature". A comprehensive depiction of human emotion, where even the sky seems to be part of man’s psyche. Munch claimed that during a walk he felt mentally and physically exhausted and looking at the clouds he noticed that they were red as blood. The work has been the target of several thefts and in 1994 it was stolen from the National Gallery of Norway, but was ultimately recovered.

Our version, has a man in a very different emotional state, relaxed and listening to music. The "scream" is now used to convey pleasure, both audible and edible, where the moment of eating popcorn connects us to a pleasant audiovisual experience, such as going to the cinema.