Inspired by the painting “La Liberté guidant le peuple”

The renowned Eugène Delacroix painting on the French Revolution, where freedom personified leads the people, is considered an epilogue to the Age of Enlightenment and an introduction into Romanticism. Freedom is seen as a female symbol of the revolution. Delacroix made an allegorical depiction of her as goddess-like figure with a commanding presence. In the battlefield, we can discern people of all social classes based on the way they are dressed. We see a man belonging to the bourgeoisie in a top hat, a polytechnic school student wearing a traditional bicorn, and a young working-class boy from the revolution holding two pistols.

Our version of the painting focuses on the impact and expression of a revolution. All the creative elements show us the ways in which every revolution and major social uprising has been portrayed over the years, whether through literature, paintings, or monuments. The physical involvement of each element amplifies the intention of the painting.